About Us

Do you want to eat at your favorite restaurant but don't want to struggle with traffic jams? Don't wait any longer, and save time! No more queues, traffic jams so you can eat at your favorite restaurant, e-sakafo takes care of everything.

E-sakafo is the easiest way to order your meals online from your smartphone or tablet. At your fingertips, access delicious cuisines (Chinese, Malagasy, European, ...) and a choice of restaurants that deliver to your city / district. Ideal for lunches at the office, when you don't have time to leave work and struggle with traffic jams.

E-sakafo is THE benchmark for home meal delivery. Discover in a simple and intuitive way a whole range of restaurants carefully selected for you in your smartphone or tablet and order what you like!

Join our e-sakafo community, the only way to:

choose meals from the best restaurants near you
order wherever you are
track your order in real time

Questions, suggestions about our service? Send us an email via sales@e-sakafo.mg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.