User Terms And Conditions

Anyone wishing to use the solutions offered by for remote control and the return of meals and / or drinks at home, is required to read these General Terms and Conditions carefully. In addition, reserves the right to update them at any time and without notice.

Whatever the medium on which you use our services (applications, website, via Facebook and / or by phone), the General Conditions of Sale apply. Also, the customer is required to update the esakafo application whenever necessary.

Use of the service constitutes acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Any order, whether it is:

• Verbal, performed by telephone

• Written, on any means (via the website, in the application, and / or on social networks)

Worth a firm commitment.

In the event of litigation, it will be up to you, the client, to provide proof.


When you place an order with, the "contract" for the delivery of meals and hygienic and / or alcoholic beverages is established between you and the partner restaurant.

You freely agree that only puts catering providers and different Antananarivo businesses with displaced customers, thanks to the provision of several technological supports and different logistics solutions.

As a client of the partner restaurant, you unreservedly agree to provide us with useful, accurate and up-to-date information concerning you, as well as that concerning your order.

In the case of an order placed from our application or on our website, you freely agree to provide us with an e-mail address and a telephone number, which can be used subsequently by for commercial purposes.

You will use the email address as your login and you will be asked to use a password. This username and password are personal and confidential data, and must be protected, at your expense, and you agree not to communicate them to third parties. It is your responsibility, customer, to ensure that no fraud has been, is or can be committed using these identifiers.

When you use our services in the name and on behalf of a company (for example your employer) or any other legal entity, you guarantee to have the authority and the power to engage such a company or entity.

Certain products, such as alcohol, are reserved exclusively for adults. You thus declare on your honor that you are over 18 years old at the time of the act of the order, in accordance with the legislation in force.

Orders placed with are dependent on:

acceptance of the partner restaurant to process your request

product availability within twenty (20) minutes of receipt of the full order you placed delivery times on the date of ordering

the delivery capacity of to deliver your order to the partner restaurant, when the availability of products is confirmed by the latter.

as well as security and / or weather conditions at the time that is informed of your request

Once your order has been validated and confirmed, you will be informed by any means and you will be legally bound based on this information.

In the case of an order placed from our application or on our website, an e-mail detailing your order will be sent to you automatically. We make sure to contact you to confirm your order with the partner restaurant. As soon as the partner restaurant accepts your order, another e-mail will be sent to you.

The e-mails thus sent will include the details of the order and the estimated time of your delivery.


All prices are in Ariary (MGA). The prices given and / or displayed at the validation of the order include the costs of service, packaging by the partner restaurant as well as the costs of return to your location for

The prices displayed on the website at the time of their publication are presumed to be accurate. declines any responsibility in the event of non-information in time by the partner restaurant of an update of their prices. thus reserves the right to change prices, in particular in the event of the card being updated by the partner restaurant or for any other reason.

For the meal return service, you automatically accept that a partner restaurant corresponds to an order; this also implies that if you wish to source from several partner restaurants, the number of orders placed with corresponds to the number of designated partner restaurants.

The meal delivery prices displayed on the website are updated regularly by but are only given as an indication of the fact that the distances indicated by Google Map ™ do not always correspond to the distances actually covered by to ensure the return to your location. In all cases, undertakes to inform you of such a necessary correction, and you will therefore be entitled to cancel or continue the order.

You freely acknowledge that you are legally responsible for the full payment of the service to the partner restaurant making your order and for the home delivery service from, in cash at the time of delivery, or by any other means of payment legally authorized in Madagascar, if it is available in the technological solutions of (example: mobile money).

The payment method is defined by you, the customer, at the time of the order. Payment by check, currency, in kind or in alcohol is prohibited.

Tips, not included in the amount to be prepaid by you, the customer, are paid, where applicable, in their entirety to the driver who performs the return service. Neither nor the partner restaurant benefits from any tip-related income.


E-sakafo's driving hours are included:

between 9 a.m. at the earliest and 7 p.m. at the latest from Monday to Saturday

between 9 a.m. at the earliest and 3 p.m. on Sunday

regardless of the partner restaurant’s opening and closing times.

The dishes ordered will be delivered to the address that you have indicated during the placing of your order.

If the return takes a delay which greatly exceeds the time limit, please contact us. We will do our best to satisfy your request. However, you automatically accept that the costs relating thereto may in no case be contested and / or canceled.

You thus freely consent that and the partner restaurants will in no case be held responsible for any loss, liabilities, cost, damage and interest or expenses due to a delay in delivery.

Once you, or your agents, receive your order, you automatically recognize that all the risks arising from the characteristics of the products / packaging and the delivery of meals have already been transferred to you.

In the impossibility of satisfying an order and / or delivery (difficulty of access, bad weather conditions), we undertake to inform you of this and will offer you an alternative or cancellation of your order.

If for any reason you are obliged to cancel your order, you freely agree to notify us immediately of such a cancellation by telephone and specify the details of your order. We will then contact the partner restaurant.

In the event that the partner restaurant agrees to cancel the order, you will not be asked for any reimbursement costs.

In cases where the restaurant has already completed the order or the deliveryman is already on the way, you freely agree that this order is already considered fulfilled and you freely agree to pay the full total price communicated to you at confirmation of your order. However, an exception is possible, but you recognize as of right, that cancellation without payment is left to the sole discretion of

In the event of receipt of a bad product (hygiene, quality and / or freshness of the products for example), and the partner restaurant freely recognize that you are entitled to refuse delivery. It will be up to you to provide irrefutable proof and will immediately inform the partner restaurant, for arrangements to be made.

If however you agree to accept the product, you freely agree that can not be held responsible for any resulting damage.


It is essential that you provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information, regardless of the technological support used to contact

If you create an account on the website or in the esakafo app, please do not divulge your password to a third party, you will be held solely responsible for the activities that are carried out on behalf of this account, whether you are aware or not. Your password must be kept secret.

The information you leave with will be stored. You have the right to have a copy of this information, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You freely acknowledge that you are informed that undertakes to share this information, in the event of a request from a duly authorized competent authority.

The links on our website can redirect you to third-party sites offering goods and services foreign to the services offered by E-sakafo. However, we cannot be held responsible for the quality and availability of such goods and services.


Satisfying you and offering you quality service is our priority.

If you have any complaints, please send them to

By virtue of the fact that you freely acknowledge that you are legally bound to the order, the use of solutions therefore excludes faot any attempt to seek legal recourse, legal proceedings to engage liability, claim for damages and interest, including without limitation in the event of loss, destruction, damage, theft suffered by the deliverers of


We regularly take the necessary steps to ensure the availability of all our technological supports and to check the accuracy of the information displayed there. If, however, you encounter any errors, we apologize and thank you for notifying us at undertakes to make the necessary efforts to ensure optimal coverage of the city of Antananarivo. However, some areas are not covered, for security reasons left to the sole discretion of