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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

E-sakafo protects the personal data that you transmit to us.

We understand that this data is confidential and that is why e-sakafo is committed to protecting this data.

If you simply visit our website without placing an order, please note that no personal data will be recorded.

The information that e-sakafo collects:

E-sakafo collects your personal data when you use our services. We need this information to process your orders, including: your name, address and phone number, email, and possibly payment information.

This information is only intended for the proper fulfillment of your orders.

How does e-sakafo use this collected data?

We use this data mainly for the management of your account with e-sakafo.mg and for the processing of your orders.

We may have to send your information to third party professionals who are linked to e-sakafo.mg services (partner restaurants and shops, delivery people).

If you do not wish to be contacted by these companies and third parties, please notify us by email at sales@e-sakafo.mg or send us a private message on our facebook page.

We may also be required to use this information about you in order to send you suggestions for products and / or services that may be suitable for you.

Recover your e-sakafo.mg data

You can ask us for a copy of your data at any time. Send us an email to sales@-sakafo.mg.